Burglar’s To-Do List Found By Police

19 Dec

Apparentlly ye bhi sahab apni sari Christmas shopping ki list ki items, chori kr k puri krty thy. 🙂

A burglar's list

A burglar’s to-do list has inspired a Christmas anti-theft campaign in Manchester which is being fronted by a reformed criminal responsible for well over 100 break-ins.

Jason Fleming has spent more than six years in prison and was once one of Greater Manchester’s most wanted burglars.

He launched the campaign by calling on unsuspecting homeowners and letting them know how easy it would be to break into their properties.

Former burglar Jason Fleming (L) is giving security advice to residents

Police officer Andy Pickering explained: “Members of the public were quite surprised to have a former burglar knocking on their doors telling people that their premises are unsecured… and that he would actually be tempted to target their premises.

“So it’s quite a strong message we are putting across and coming from Jason it has added impact.”

It is titled Lined Up Grafts (planned burglaries) and was found after a thief recently cased neighbourhoods in the Oldham area.

The notes outline which cars and properties are worth revisiting and even which tools would be best suited for each break-in.

One entry reads: “Look through back window. Key maybe behind door. Clawhammer.”

Although not the author of the list, Jason Fleming said: “Seeing this list might help people to almost put themselves in the burglar’s shoes and think about the things that the burglar would be looking for.

“It’s sometimes what people might think are the unimportant details that can make a difference.”

Source: http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16130600


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  1. Maxtreme Entertainment Corp December 19, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    Man, he looks like a real proffessional. LOL

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