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While humans are dying, Romania thinks about giving human rights to Dolphins… Dolphins for crying out loud…

25 Feb

The second most poorest country in Europe has no money to feed its poor but an Oscar winning goon director is campaigning to give Dolphins the same rights as Human beings. I mean like really.. like wtf dude… don’t you have anyyyyyyyything better to do or work for. There is so much poverty in Russia and this dude thinks that if dolphins live alongside humans and worked at mcdonals like us, everything would be fine.

I’m telling you the world is getting crazier and crazier… and… and i dont have anything else to say. Enjoy the story:

In election year, Romania debates giving human rights to dolphins:

In election year, Romania debates giving human rights to dolphins

Dolphins are seen at a cove in Taiji, western Japan, January 21, 2014. REUTERS/Adrian Mylne

Dolphins are seen at a cove in Taiji, western Japan, January 21, 2014.

Credit: Reuters/Adrian Mylne


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(Reuters) – Armed with an iPad and a letter of support from an Oscar-winning film director, Remus Cernea is pushing a cause that he acknowledges few of his fellow Romanian lawmakers care about: giving dolphins the same rights as humans.

The 39-year-old activist politician introduced a bill in parliament last week that would recognize the marine mammals as “non-human persons”, on account of their highly developed intelligence, personalities and behavior patterns.

The bill, which will be debated in the Romanian upper house in the coming weeks, would make humans and dolphins equal before the law. Dolphin killers would be given the same sentences as murderers of human beings. The bill would also ban the use of dolphins in live entertainment shows.

The aim of the bill is to help protect Romania’s indigenous dolphins in the Black Sea, Cernea said. It would also add the country’s voice to a global movement against dolphin killings.

To back his cause, Cernea has received a letter of support from American filmmaker Louie Psihoyos, famed for a 2009 documentary, The Cove, about dolphin hunting in Japan.

But gathering domestic support may be tough in a year when Romania goes to the polls twice, first in the European elections in May and later to vote for a new president. Animal rights will have to find space alongside issues such as corruption and raising living standards and public services in the European Union’s second poorest country.

“At this moment, I have no support,” Cernea told Reuters during a visit to the city of Constanta on the Black Sea coast.

“This law asks you to make a huge step, philosophically speaking, to understand and to accept that somehow there is another species which is quite similar as we are,” he added.


Cernea, who sports a pony tail and beard and wore a dolphin t-shirt during an interview on Friday, split from Romania’s Green Party to be an independent MP last year.

His constituency, Constanta, is on a strip of coastline where dolphins get entangled in fishing nets and are found dead in their dozens. The city is also home to the only two dolphins in Romania kept in captivity, both bought from China in 2010.

On Friday at Constanta’s dolphinarium, to the sound of blaring music, the dolphins practiced tricks in a green indoor pool, such as balancing balls on their noses and prodding them through hoops. Each trick was rewarded with fish from a bucket.

Cernea likened the pool to a prison – a view that brought a sharp rebuke from the dolphinarium’s scientific director, Nicolae Papadopol, during a discussion with Reuters.

Romania had good enough laws to protects its dolphins without Cernea’s bill, Papadopol said, adding that the dolphin trick shows had been a source of Romanian pride.

“Romanians have something good (here), and you are coming with this initiative to destroy it,” Papadopol said.

(Reporting by Matthias Williams; editing by Ralph Boulton)

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A NewYork man wants to marry his Computer, like legally n shit…

25 Feb

Im telling you Hollywood is making us crraazzzyyyy…

In New York, a man was denied the “right” to “marry” his computer. Not as some scam ofr joke, but like, legally and shit. And now, to my primal shock, he has sued the state of New York to get his basic civil right.

Good for you man, who is the state government to tell you that you can’t marry and love a 2-3 Kg plastic and machine. That’s the job of the Psychiatrist…

America, where you have the right to do anything, like literally anything… May be they are taking their constitutional freedoms a bit too far.

ACLU Sues! Defends Man’s Right to Marry “Comput-Her”

January 22, 2064 – Associated Depressed –

NEW YORK CITY — The American Civil Liberties Union has sued the state of New York over the issue of digital marriage rights, saying the official decision to refuse benefits to a man trying to marry his homebuilt “comput-her” is a violation of his rights as a citizen of the new United Americas.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday says the state has put hundreds of couples in virtual limbo as they wait for the case to go through the appeals process.

“This decision is just devastating,” said one hopeful bystander. “We were all eagerly waiting to move forward with our engagements, but now we have to wait even longer. It’s just not right!”

There is a press conference scheduled this afternoon where the ACLU will discuss the lawsuit filed on behalf of J. Erkoff and his digital debutante.

New York Gov. Jason Grestaki did not respond to numerous voicemails left at his state house office.

More than 1,500 couples, all across New York, have filed for provisional digital marriage certificates in preparation for what they thought would be a “landmark victory” today in court.

Peter P. from upstate New York told “We are extremely disappointed. We had hoped to get married online in a few months and it looks like we will have to postpone our wedding, yet again.”

The state made it clear that it would automatically extend the expiration date on the provisional digital marriage certificates, but would not recognize them as “official” until the legal process has a chance to “play out in court.”

A spokesperson for the court stated that “the validity of any other pre-existing marriage certificates will ultimately be decided by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals,” which is waiting on the proper paperwork in order to process the appeal.

“I just want to move on with my life,” said Erkoff as he left the court. “This is not a new issue and it is about time the courts recognized these marriages as legal.”

The controversy over digital relationships started shortly after the movie Her was released back in December of 2013.

Highlighting the life of a lonely writer who fell in love with his operating system, the movie was a harbinger of things to come.

Over the last 50 years we have seen the romantic lines between humans and computers dissolve. The issue has made news recently because of the proliferation of artificial intelligence, and the fact that humanoid machinery has become a larger part of our every day lives.

These digital assistants, which first entered our houses as nannies, maids and personal chefs, have crossed the line from convenience to controversy in recent years. There have even been reports of ruined marriages due to affairs with machines.

“It’s just filthy and unnatural; God will surely punish the wicked” said one opponent to the Digital Marriage Act. “First them gays got married, and now this; What the hell is this world coming to?”

Some, such as singer/songwriter and influential pop icon, Phem Enisst are taking a completely different stand on the issue. She recently posted this message on her Instawall:

“We should be so lucky as to have men marry machines, we’d no longer have to be slaves to the male species and that is defs a world I could live in. #MachineSex #DMequality.”

In the last 50 years the ACLU has made considerable progress in the fight to defend individual liberties. “We will continue to fight against this injustice until the courts rule in our favor,” said Steve Ignant, legal director of the ACLU in New York. “We will take this all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to!”

“This is just one of a number of lawsuits we will be spearheading across five different states in defense of the Digital Marriage Act,” Ignant told me as he walked away. “There are currently only five (states) that recognize provisional certificates, and that’s just not good enough. We will win… We are going to win this battle… you’ll see; we always win.”

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Oh baby i like the way you Mooooooo… Japanese beastiality porn come to the U.S…

24 Feb

Not sure if its the right kind of thing to import from Japan (not that they actually do that stuff there) but these 2 guys must really be sick of women or must be into some really lose vaginas. Whatever happened to the good old days of Porn+Tissue+Locked Doors. Looks like these guys need to be taught about porn because they are putting out their sexual frustrations in some weird kinda way.

I wonder how PETA would react to this… I mean its not harming the cows, its just sex.

Michael Jones and Reid Fontaine are accused of sexually abusing cows.

A farmer in Herkimer County, N.Y. couldn’t figure out why his cows seemed more anxious than usual.

When they weren’t producing as much milk as usual, he set up a surveillance camera.

What he saw shocked him: two men were rolling in the hay with his livestock, reported.

The farmer, whose name has not been identified, contacted authorities who conducted their own investigation.

As a result, Michael Jones, 35, and Reid Fontaine, 31, were arrested for misdemeanor sexual misconduct, reported.

Authorities said Fontaine attempted to have sex with several cows while Fontaine filmed the encounters, according to

The two were released on an appearance ticket.

The suspects aren’t the first men accused of having a cow in the Biblical sense.

In 2008, Brazilian cleaner Getulino Ferreira Paraizo was accused of having sex with 400 cows. He said he preferred the more tranquil animals.

It might be better to think twice before attempting sex with cows or any other animals.

a 2011 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who have had sex with animals were twice as likely to develop penile cancer as those who stick with their own kind.

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Care to donate… How about some weed ???

24 Feb

Not your average box of donation stuff haan!!!. Looks like somebody reeaallyy forgot where he hid his stash of weed when he/she accidentally donated it to the Salvation Army. Man those must be some lucky kids…

Big Bag Of Weed Donated To Salvation Army

File photo.

SUGARCREEK, Pa. (AP) — An act of charity may end badly for one donor to a Pennsylvania Salvation Army outlet.

Sugarcreek Borough police say they were called when workers found a large plastic bag of marijuana among some donated clothes.

Police Chief Matt Carlson tells the (Oil City) Derrick ( ) he suspects the owner of the drugs has noticed them missing by now, if only because the bag contained a “substantial quantity” of pot.

Police were working with store employees to determine who donated the clothes and when. Police say the drugs were found earlier this week.

The chief says this isn’t the first time officers have investigated an unusual item among donated clothing saying, “we’ve had guns … cash … rings, and now marijuana.”

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